Christian God

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Another character of Odin is disclosed during amorte of Sigmund, when this affirms not to want to cure itself seeing its death comoa will of Odin. 6. ' ' Many survive with few hopes, but minhaboa luck if finished, in way that desire not to cure me. Odin does not want more than euempunhe my sword, now that it broke itself. I stopped battles while issome aprouve.' ' (Saga of the Volsungos, 2009:62) Odin again is cited when Sigurd goes until the forest in one search cavaloque it is fiance’, this indicates it a horse son of Sleipnir.

7 However, also umespinho of sleep in the Valquria Brynhild for having is displayed the vingativa nature of the Odin god when threading disobeyed it. Its appearance erageralmente associated to an old one of long beard with only one eye. Algunsautores works with the idea of this concentration of being able in the Odin god as umamaneira to privilege the condition Dos Reis in Scandinavia. However, in umcunho religious we perceive the representation of these Gods, being able to resemble it emalguns moments to the Christian God in its auxiliador character and supplier, standing out that due to amount of existing deities the paganismo nomostrara resistance for the assimilation of the Christian God.In the Canodos Nibelungos, it does not have references the Odin, expressing itself the degree existing decristianizao in the ustria of the century XI. We could understand talausncia also from the public for who were directed these workmanships, osletrados of the cut, thus these were envoltas of elements cortesos and Christians. The Christian God is represented from the actions of the personages in its precese habits. God is cited as a protector and intercessor, that is, algumque can intervene with uncurling of the events, initiating for says darainha Uote when interpreting the dream of Kriemhild. ' ' The hawk that you create is umnobre man.