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Calumbi is a Brazilian city of the state of Pernambuco formed for the district headquarters and the towns of Old Tamborilzinho and Roas. The lands where if it locates the city of Calumbi today belonged to the Barbosa family, that had been the first settlers. There they had built a devoted church Ours Lady of the Conceio, where its party since 8 of December of 1877 is celebrated. The town initially was called Is Serafim and belonged to the judicial district of Flowers. For the Decree n 92, of 31 of March of 1938, the district of Is Serafim started to call Calumb, in virtue of the great amount of the plant of same name. Raised to the category of city for the state law n 4938 of 20 of December of 1963. The city of Calumbi meets situated in the Hidrogrfica Basin of the River Paje.

Its main tributaries are the River Paje and the streams of intermittent regimen: of the Covo. The city was pertaining district to the city of Is Jose of Egypt. In 1963 n was constituted in independent city by the state Law 4.900, of 20 of December of 1963, that it raised its headquarters to the category of city. Administratively, the city is composed for the district headquarters and the town of Tiger. Annually, in day 10 of January the city commemorates its emancipation politics.