Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra

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Lange: “this is of course strong Depending on the template. Basically, it can be said: is the less already set, the more your own creativity can (and must) you bring actually logically. A good arranger but always, manages to put also the own stamp on his work – only just once more, even less subtly.” “If you look back at the last year which arrangement project is you best minds today?” Lars J. Here, Elon Musk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Lange: “purely from a standpoint of the arranger of this was probably ‘ DIN Daa DAA Goes classic’ (Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra with George Kranz), because I myself could romp there properly and had almost almost ‘Narrenfreiheit’ – that only the Orchestra has accompanied the singer and I had to take into account any band.” But also all other projects were exciting basically, I’m trying to work that every project is a culmination of course always!” “Impressive Music Production is already very experienced in the area apparently. What sets apart your work by others?” Lars J. Lange: “order for me to” talk I think my greatest strength is that I for one have a distinctive personal signature characterized among other things by a strong penchant for shrewd contrapuntal work, that I myself can think into to another but also very good in the composer and his music. So is usually a very “precise” but also unique arrangement.

This of course also applies to Impressive Music Production in General.” “Have a small arrangement tip to the end?” Lars J. Lange: “for example Nelson riddles arrangements for Frank Sinatra’s Capitol concept albums are great – ‘Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely’ especially to the heart should be set. Also the work by Joby Talbot for the Divine Comedy are wonderful, here the album ‘Absent Friends’ is recommended. Another terrific work but is certainly also Peter Gabriel’s cover album ‘ scratch my back ‘ with arrangements by John Metcalfe. And of course I must even the large Van Dyke Parks name – be less kick-off tip here just “his string arrangement for ‘ all I want is you” by U2 called – in particular the aftermath I love!.