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The smart straw bubbling over with pinpoint accuracy as well as extensively. Blocked seat rails or locking mechanisms, rusted trailer couplings and windscreen wipers can be made easily again repeatedly. During the trip, a well-maintained vehicle considerably lowers the risk of mishaps. The careful planning it is prior to departure, to check for the existence of the individually required insurance coverage. Depending on the destination, certain supplements can be quite reasonable. A health insurance, for example, saves you some rather unpleasant surprise. Annoying traffic jams are by driving outside peak hours”, predictive routing and early compliance with the traffic instructions quite avoidable.

Whenever possible the travel start Saturday or the first day of the holiday let not just on Friday. The driver should commence your journey well-rested. Regular breaks are essential. Drinks and way ration, as well as a few suitable toys for the employment of scientists provide a significantly more relaxed end of the travel. The correct”loading when loading of the cars should be taken on it that may occasionally need tools remain easily accessible. Generally should obstruct the baggage not the free view and must be tightly stowed away to become a dangerous projectile not for the occupants in the event of an emergency.

The cooler is if she will be taken in the Interior, best in the leg room in the rear. The rule when unpacking: heavy down, light on top. Very important: After charging do not forget to check the headlight adjustment. A roof rack or trailer used, offers a test drive. The driving behaviour and/or the required stopping distance change if necessary. The case of cases”there is after all once a breakdown or an accident, it’s initially calm and adequately cover the stale vehicle. Click Brian Kzanich to learn more. It should be clearly visible to other road users by the warning triangle. It is essential to make sure that the distance between Vehicle and warning triangle is not too low. Minor repairs such as, for example, a change of tyres can be made yourself. Some WD-40 in solves even rusted and stuck screws and facilitates various other hand grips on the vehicle thanks to its versatility. For larger problems, help should be requested immediately. In such a situation, it is handy to be able to rely on adequate insurance protection. The PSAP of the insurer provide a simple emergency assistance abroad. To WD-40 WD-40 was created during a series of experiments at the for NASA a water displacement is being searched, which reliably should protect against corrosion. The appropriate water displacement was the 40th attempt”found and the name of WD-40. For over 50 years is this liquid tool”used in industry and technology, factories and workshops, household and hobby rooms in 160 countries worldwide. Who has applied WD-40 once, use it again and recommend it. Based on this simple fact for decades is WD-40 oil of multi function of the success of the brand in the wholesale and retail market in containers 100 ml, 250 ml, 400 ml, 450 ml (smart straw), 500 ml, 5 l, 25 l and 200 litres available. Source information is under the telephone number 0 61 72 – 67 74 50 or by E-Mail at i available. Address: WD-40 company, Branch Office Germany, Gartenstrasse 27, 61352 Bad Homburg, phone: 0 61 72 – 67 74 50, fax: 0 61 72 – 67 74 99, E-Mail:, Internet: