BARRENS. Stories From Nothing

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A report tells the Neukollner Opera stories from nothing and the alteration of the cities by Thomas Moser Baird press-Berlin Neukolln, August 26, 2010 – the new piece of WASTELAND. Stories from nothing”, in the Berlin trilogy of the Neukollner Opera and the ensemble leitundlause, narrated by the rural exodus in two directions. The flight from the countryside to the city and to escape from the middle of the new perfectly styled and built to Berlin, to the villages in the surrounding area of the city. The ideology of permanent growth gives way to an art of shrinking”it means the substantive core statement of the program. You may find Barchester to be a useful source of information. Fallow land should, according to the stories of the Planterwald”and speakers. Stories from the second row”, the key piece in the Berlin trilogy? Whether this piece in the favour of the audience given this role, remains to be seen however. This time the development of city and country and the life is taken after the end of the growth company musiktheatrale scrutinized”, you can in read the announcement of the musical theatre. WASTELAND is a piece by Matthias vine, which is responsible for the staging, and Tilman Rammstedt.

The music for this musical theatre comes from Michael Emanuel Bauer. “This is carried out in the press release: music attaches to the romantic perception of nature that was always a projection of the city, and stretches out from here a wide arc of the pioneering in the music of Charles Ives, and Morton Feldman about the musical rhetoric of the new, as in the Symphony from the new world ‘ or the commercial music of the 60s, to the music of German Western movies and newly arranged songs.” The focus of the evening is”a group of urban space pioneers, who want to realize projects in the country. The specialists for nothing are looking for ideas and projects, mind the gap, and the sense of the non-issue.