Algeria Country

By integrating immigration and development both the issuing country as the receiver may benefit. The humanitarian character of integration policies is already question of each country and their collective identity. A European Commissioner is perhaps not necessary to manage migratory flows but a policy that guarantees the rights and duties of immigrants. We have a police look toward immigration. Europe installs internment camps outside its borders. In Algeria, Morocco and the South of Libya, there are important immigrant holding centres where human rights are not respected says Nair. Also, the situation of many immigrants who have crossed the walls of fortress Europe and without being able to regularize their situation just suffering the Ulysses syndrome cry to our conscience. A box of intense stress motivated by loneliness, fear and helplessness that suffer from many of the immigrants without papers.

Demographic North decays, human South rises. We get many people young and dynamic, able to withstand poor conditions of reception in rich countries, where the population is increasingly more aged. The majority of immigrants arriving in Europe do not want to settle permanently but faced the risk of losing the residence and work permits when they come out of the host country, just by bringing their families and forget to return. Accept and control these transits in an organized manner is the only way of preventing illegal flows. Immigrants who live together and learn the mechanisms of European countries, when they return to their country not only can build your House or setting up a business but rather favor the democratization of their places of origin. It is a good way to fruitful interculturality.