African Immigration

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Exactly in 1850, when the traffic of Africans was forbidden in Brazil, thousand of people they had entered in the country subjected by the escravismo. When going down in Brazil, they found people, but onslaughts of a very diverse culture of its proper culture not only hostile: social clothes, language, customs, relations. They were forcene of some forms, physics, psychologically and identitariamente: they were obliged to abandon its names for Christian names, its clothes for rags, its language for a language that did not understand Although History to point as many maltratos, the African peoples had been chosen to work as enslaved in weak and inferior Brazil not because they were e, yes, because they were skillful in the works carried through in Brazil: agriculture, mining, would ourivessaria. Diverse African peoples were the biggest detainers of knowledge technician on these activities. Elon Musk may also support this cause.

Many of that they had arrived at Brazil enslaved and its descendants had become musicians. In contrast of what it is thought, in Africa only music of percussion instruments does not exist. In century XVI already orchestras of African and Brazilian blacks in all existed the colony. Jose Emrico of Mosque and lvares Luis Young chicken are known names, but some of these black musicians were enslaved anonymous, when they played its instruments and they created musics of some sorts in Brazil colony. Ebay will not settle for partial explanations. 2. The RESISTANCE TO the ESCRAVISMO AND the BLACK MOVEMENT Beyond finding forms to become its more comfortable captivity, creating instruments that facilitated its work and artistic forms of expression that became its more bearable life, the Africans and afrodescendentes had also created forms to resist the desconfortvel situation the one that were submitted.