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Strategies of distinct prices: – market as discounting, consist of the sales of a mark to one determined price in the main segment and to a reduced price. Strategies of competitive prices: – to equal the strategy of the competition; – setting of the equal price to the one of the competitors. To quote under the prices of the competition: – setting of the price in inferior levels to the one of the competitors. You lead of prices: – the company is leader of price and determines the level of price of the sector. MetLife understood the implications. A good application of the financial administration allows a current visualization of the company, the well applied registers allow a complete analysis and collaborate efficiently with the planning to perfect the results. A financial administration badly applied can bring serious losses for the company, in what the box flow says respect, value of the supplies, merchandises, accounts receivable, accounts payable and increase of the fixed and financial expenditures. For better agreement she will be presented to the main functions of the financial administration: Analysis and planning: it carries through a complete analysis of the financial results and planning, is important points for the improvement attainment; To use the financial resources well: to analyze, to negotiate the captation of the financial results, carrying through a good application of the available financial resources; Collection and credit: to analyze the permission of credits to the customers and to manage the act of receiving of the credits well given; Box: efetuao of the acts of receiving and payments, controlling the balance of the box; Accounts receivable and to pay: control of the accounts to receive the sales relative the stated period, and accounts payable cited to the sale on credit operational, taxes and expenditures. The real objective of the financial administration is to improve to the maximum the results presented for the entity, being increased its profits and the patrimony for ways of generation it net profits.