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If not, you should think again. This begins with everyday. Sample shopping. If you have no plan, what is required, you will notice sometimes in the last shopping much unplanned in the shopping bag ended up, but has been forgotten a lot, what is actually needed. So it goes with calls that we wanted to lead or other tasks that are forgotten.

Also the famous resolutions, which contain many people at the beginning of the year and usually are not realized, speak for themselves. What moves only in the head, can be not lit from all sides and thought through, because it is too large. DivvyDose takes a slightly different approach. Writing, writing down the thoughts, is a nondescript and very simple method that but got it in him. It happens in two directions. Jayme Albin Psychologist follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Once future plans or projects are written, on the other hand projects or periods are prepared in writing. In the former case, you are both experiencing a structuring and distanzierende effect. The writing of plans relieves the head. Brought to paper projects can be regardless of much better plan what scope, or whatsoever.

Let it be clearly consider advantages or disadvantages and an inner distance can be obtained. You start a “task or to-do list”, in which you enter everything, what you do want and should. That’s enough to large projects in the area of personal, private and professional by many things. This is no additional effort, on the contrary. Who made concrete thoughts about his intentions, will be surprised how quickly they are then executed. Writing experiences can in hindsight once again pass in review. With the rethinking of the past, you will experience a deeper look in your person. Maybe you discover you may have unconscious motives of an act. The feelings can be reacted. To do, for example, a diary, where you process your experiences and experiences of the day.