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Mental Health Issues

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Such a chat should be used in any case if necessary. Many people complain that the day has only 24 hours. Because our life is marked by time pressure and deadlines. Private meetings often appear as an obstacle, since the work can be done otherwise not ready. So, it’s no wonder that more and more people have mental problems.

Dealing with other people, make friends and a relationship are the basic prerequisites for a psychologically healthy people? But, because those who have real problems in this context, have no time for a doctor, American scientists have come up with something crazy. Morgan Stanley has firm opinions on the matter. Because women and men about half of the day at the computer or laptop sitting, going to counseling in the future with the help of a chat. Initially, the idea encountered many skeptics. If you however questioned the concept, many benefits can be anticipated such a chat. First session must be taken for a therapy any time for the round-trip. Because this is a reason for many of those affected. In addition, you can the therapy from anywhere make.

Main thing is there for the chat Internet, but this is the case almost everywhere now and in almost all places. Another advantage is the time factor. Because can not only from all the sessions be held out but often also at any time. Emerges from the concept of Americans have at least two psychologists for a chat at the disposal to any time of day or night. For a certain monthly fee the user can login at any time. There is a little problem however this chat: the expenses are not just low thanks to the flexibility and this of course discourages many from such a chat. Nevertheless, the positive aspects of this idea speak and large. Such a chat should be used in any case if necessary.


Counseling Center

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Have installed support and critics. Therefore the question arises after an ecological and healthy interior lighting. From September 1, 2011, no 60 watt light bulbs may be placed more on the market. As an alternative, the energy-saving lamp is on everyone’s lips. Critics termed what call consistently advocates as organic pseudo activism. Seeking advice find out what alternatives for a healthy and ecological lighting available individually and by telephone at the Counseling Center for living health and energy advice. A variety of light sources available today is the consumer. However, most cope with choosing the right lamp.

Often wrong bulbs are purchased or reports about health disadvantages of energy saving bulb brakes the desire for energy savers. There are modern energy-saving bulbs today in various forms and qualities of light. Unlike the first generation of the 1980s they are in different socket sizes available, as well as in different shades of white, dimmable versions, starting fast and consume far less energy than a conventional light bulb. As far as some arguments of the proponents of the energy-saving lamp. However, critics call aspects such as the leakage of toxic mercury, if the lamp breaks or health disadvantages by a bad”light spectrum or harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Must therefore in future choose lighting between climate protection and a healthy living environment? The decision is more when choosing the right bulb in place, so Sandra Bentele, head of the outpatient clinic. If you choose products with amalgam or splitter protection when buying an energy saving light bulb, which prevents the risk of a contamination with mercury in the Interior. Also, good alternatives can be depending on the individual user habits and required lighting LED lamps and halogen lamps. The newly established telephone consultation of the counselling centre is exactly for such rather short consultations a low-cost offer to make one-on-one assistance. So the consumer can find out independently, also under the aspect of home health, appropriate alternatives to the bulb. The theme is it starting in the autumn of next year always urgent, since no 40-watt lamps and to buy no more than 10 watt incandescent lamps from September 2012, finally.


Online Counseling

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The Bohme consultancy offers a competent, versatile, and empathic online counseling interested clients. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nike. The psychological online services aimed mainly at people who initially shy away from a visit to a psychological consulting practice. People who feel inhibited such as in a direct contact with a psychological counselor, have thus the opportunity fears in a protected environment\”of online advice to dismantle. Online counseling in individual cases is possible or useful, clients in a trusted contact (by E-Mail) can clarify in advance with the psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.), Mr Aribert Bohme. Parents who feel overwhelmed with the education of their children in the school environment, find here also a competent partner like people who are on the lookout for new orientation opportunities. Teachers, who in itself to have tendencies to a Burnout, find an empathetic point of contact.

Students are made familiar with proven learning techniques, on the basis of a successful school is possible. Mr DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.) & author, Aribert Bohme, oriented it Consulting offers deliberately an interdisciplinary approach which combines insights and methods from different disciplines (E.g. psychology, pedagogy, brain research, Neuroinformatics, etc.) in the interests of its clients and clients to a holistic motivated strategy. Interested parties contact by E-Mail to the consultancy Bohme. Following departments belong to the core competencies: counseling (if online) for school, family, life advice, Motivationscoaching. Implementation of case texts for newspaper articles, blogs, books, Internet in the thematic field of psychology, school psychology, learning techniques, memory training, motivation techniques, etc.

tutoring as well as targeted training for primary for changing to secondary schools. Computer training: Windows, Word, Excel, Internet. For the calendar year 2010 will include a new seminar, psychology & Motivationscoaching\”offered the people helps to optimize private and foreign learning behavior by key findings from the psychology of learning and the Motivationscoaching are taught. The seminar lasts for eight hours every two days.