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Baron Rojo

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Thus they appeared more of some thirty the premises, with a clear competition to become the best one, which took many to use others " values agregados" that no longer only it consisted of serving coffee with an pleasant company, which finished discrediting to heading gaining in addition the distrust to the authorities that finished closing many of which they incurred illegal practices. Today the business has left back to the controversy and the rejection of several sectors and has managed to clean its image leaving only which they played fair and that was dedicated to exert the business like so. The Competition More and more Hard At present, although Baron Rojo follows more in the collective memory like the name appellant at the time of speaking of the coffees with legs, many premises have appeared and they have stayed in the market. Welcome to one of the 168 coffees with leg that exist in center of Santiago of Chile. If we removed the account that each coffee is taken care of of average by 3 youngsters in turn, and the day has 2 turns, it gives a total us of almost 1000 women who work taking care of the coffees with leg of Santiago. 9 years ago when all this nobody began it had imagined that a business as this one could get to generate only in Santiago more than half million monthly dollars, employing to almost 2,000 people. We analyzed if it, the secret is in a mixture of coffee, beauty, eroticism, and mainly psychology on the part of these beauties, that during a pair of minutes do of informer of the thousands of clients who happen through these coffees. They are those minutes of animated conversation, mixed with just a little bit of livid that cause that a coffee, that costs a little more than a dollar, knows to us so well and it leaves an indelible registry us. .