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Tips For Traveling To India In Summer

Posted by Sylia on

India has always been one of the favourite destinations for tourists from all over the world. Travel to India is synonymous with exotic spaces, culture, mythology, natural landscapes and culinary arts, as well as spirituality and meditation. In this article we offer advice as well as useful information to travel to India in summer, time in which India receives the largest number of visitors. Passports: Firstly, as in most of the trips abroad, we must have updated passport and validity; i.e., the passport must not overcome in the six month period following the presentation at the Customs Office. We must also count on the tourist visa, this is valid for six months. Generally, request a photocopy and original of the passages of round-trip and the preset route that will grant us travel agency that we have hired. Currency: The official currency of the India is the rupee, the easiest way is to take the money from the country of departure, or travellers cheques, this always will be more simple and more affordable than change the currency once has been reached. Legal tender coins can only be changed at bureaux de change.

If we take euros, in India we find sites where you can change them. Thus, do not need to change them earlier by U.S. dollars. Vaccines: dsi travels to india in summer, we must have the international certificate of vaccination against the current yellow fever 10 days before entering the country. Fine, now recommended to decide go on vacation there that, as a preventive measure, are also vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, tetanus and typhoid. Special emphasis on the recruitment of some medical assistance insurance is made prior to performing the journey that once there, the conditions are not the most optimal. It is also recommended to always drink bottled water, it must be boiled or sterilized in order to not contract diseases or risks during the stay.