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The research in analysis has as study proposal to identify the main difficulties that reach the professors of History whom they act in 6 year of the Modular System of Education of the city of Marab. It was carried through from the interviews with 10 professors of varies schools of the agricultural zone between November and December 2009 and of the analysis of some authors who deal with the subject. The Modular System of Education for being a modality that if it differentiates of regular education presents particular characteristic in the form disciplines to give them, being, for in such a way necessary to work the corresponding horria load to one school year in 50 days. The analysis of the searched data allowed to make a reflection on the performance of the professor and its anguish in the daily one of the classroom. The research demonstrated some problems of objective order and subjective that has direct influence in the performance of the professor, the traditional methodology of education still is one practical boarded one in classroom. However, efforts are being carried through with intention of if adopting new a practical one metodolgica that it searchs to open space of interaction between professor and pupil being created an environment of effective learning. The research of the account that many professors who give it disciplines it of history is of another area and, the majority works of irregular form (contract). Some languages had been analysis object during this work with the objective to contribute as alternative of education for the professor of History: document, illustration, photograph, verbal source, Realia, cinematographic image, canonic image, memory and music.

One concludes that the difficulty of the professor if of the one due to support, incentive, recognition of its profession, in the measure where the minimum conditions of work are not real, practical the pedagogical one is not materialize in the adequate form. Word-key: Research. Agricultural zone. Metodolgica analysis. Performance of the professor in classroom. Difficulty to teach. Working with sources.