Young Companies

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We would like to each an expert in valuation of companies as often as possible thinking about how and what to do and make for a real improvement of the theory and practice of valuation of enterprises, improve the reliability and reproducibility of assessments issued by the refusal of the source data and methods of calculating estimates, which should not be used properly performed assessment work for a specific business objects. Sooner or later, life itself forced to resign from the imitation of benign assessment activities in relation to companies and go to the undeniably competent, credible, progressive methods of performance appraisal work. I recall Brezhnev's time that employers have pretended that normally pay for the work and the workers pretended to work diligently. What was the result is known. Life forced to abandon such practices. The same is true in the future will happen in the assessment of enterprises and businesses: these types of property psevdootsenka, profanity normal quality assessment activities in this area will remain in the past. Another important point about which today can not mention. What kind of art, and what kind of science in the modern assessment activities related to large companies and individual countries around the world can talk about if there are such strong trade and trend-technologists (monsters manipulators findings from the assessments is particularly troubled assets) as BlackRock, Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche, Pricewaterhouse & Coopers, KPMG, etc., rather than objectively determine how tightly dictate the (nominating) valuation of such companies in the interests of its powerful, most wealthy clients, including the entire states are sometimes even like the U.S. (see information in the press and the internet about BlackRock). The above companies are playing the same role as in arts (art, music, movies, show business, etc.) performed by publicity agents, PR-services manager, producers properly qualified to successfully unwind and enrich themselves with some representatives of Art and deliberately ignore, leaving in poverty, others no less talented.