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For example, the Twins. I think it is no secret that the as Pushkin was, just say a womanizer all his life performing in a constant search for a new woman, and dying because of it, the same, it would seem the only one. It is this trait giddiness, a desire to catch everything at once, but nothing has been finished – the main feature of the mark. Look who else was born under this zodiac sign: Courteney Bass Cox, Nicole Kidman and Sergei Makovetsky. Or, for example, take for example, Dev. Most of the typical workaholic – Virgo. And the list of famous people who were born in September, strikes up the description of the mark: it is, and Pierre Richard, and Sean Connery, and Joseph Kobzon, or for example, Savely Kramarov. Suppose someone say that this is all just a coincidence, and simply well-chosen name, perhaps, but if you take more accurate statistics, just to interview friends and acquaintances, and to compare with the description of a typical sign of the zodiac, you are immediately agree with my arguments. Believe in horoscopes or not – this is the case of each of us individually, but the fact that some of our principles and ideas laid down at birth, is to believe.