Welinton Dos Santos

How is the reliable degree of the international investor in U.S.A., front to the torrent of bank in additions in its economy, knowing itself that only deposits of until U$S 250 a thousand and some few assets are guaranteed by the associates to the FDIC? Desestruturao politics and financier in some countries of Latin America, amongst them Honduras, Argentina and others? Accented fall of the exportations, loss of the power of purchase parity of the global currency, the dollar. Disagreements politics with> Anger, Afeganisto, Coreia of the north and in other countries with its neighbors, as the government of Barack Obama will face these divergences, beyond already the existing ones in the Middle East and the African continent? The protectionism, that the national protection of its market, appears in some points of the planet. Investments in environment, that can generate job alternatives, seem more distant. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk. Humanitarian aids and aid the social agencies are being affected for the lack of resources. With the reduction of the edge of profits of the companies motivated for the international crisis it had a reduction in the views, harming people and communities in all the countries of the world. This is the inheritance left for George Walker Bush. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Laurent Potdevin. Brazil and China are in a different route in comparison it has global economy, however, they are dependents of this, therefore, exactly with possibility of projected growth for this and in the next year, necessary attention to the behavior of the stock exchange becomes, since, while the emergent countries receive an injection from capital, others are with escape of capitals.