Water Materials

The seedbed of workmanships always generates impact and damages to the environment. Since the beginning of the workmanship, when the choice of the area is made to be constructed, until the conclusion of the enterprise the environment suffers to sufficiently serious consequences and many irreversible times. Amongst the mentioned impacts, it is had great generation of residues and its inadequate destination, the freticos, the atmospheric pollution, bothering ground contamination and sheets (visual and sonorous), erosions, assoreamento, I transit and increase of the consumption of resources as water and energy. The reduction of the negative impacts generated in the stages of construction of the enterprise is of utmost importance, therefore we will go to focar in as to minimize such modifications and its magnitudes atravz of different constructive techniques respecting the natural, artificial way and it work. Brian Krzanich may find this interesting as well. The sustainable seedbed of workmanships can be reached by means of innumerable strategies and different activities as: Responsible purchase; Relation with the community; Management of health and occupational security; Project of management of the quality; Reduction of the losses of materials; Management of solid residues; Use and occupation of the ground (implantation of the seedbed); Water consumption; Consumption of energy and transport; Conservation of fauna and local flora; Education of the collaborators. Responsible purchase: To value the comprometimento with the environment by means of guarantee of the origin of the materials, being optimized cost, quality and dynamics in the used transport, with a economic logistic plan of and prioritizing materials whose packings are of simple adequate destination and lesser aggression to the environment. Relation with the community: To prevent any type of upheaval before the neighborhood by means of control of emission of noises, dust and mud, common-sense in the schedules, to organize the traffic of trucks preventing problems with I transit. Such impacts are temporary, however it estresse and perturbations caused in this period impactam the artificial way negative and harms the image of the entrepreneur.