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The first group – this is a consequence of image advertising, when a visitor wants to get to the site a particular firm, since already familiar with it. But This does not mean, for example, that he wanted to make a purchase. Maybe he just comes in order to watch the news company. The third group – a result of media advertising. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Krzanich by clicking through. Here, the likelihood of necessary steps are pretty small.

Media advertising to a greater degree of working on brand recognition, except in certain cases: for example, a banner travel agency that sells hot tours by country and value trip. But the second group – and there are those most targeted visitors. Visitors who come to the site, ready to commit a certain action. In other words, they are ready to buy a product or order the service. Thus, more appropriate, and indicators for assessing the effectiveness of activities aimed at promoting the site is "attracting the target audience." The target audience are visitors coming from the results search the search engines at the request of a semantic core, making a transition from the directory in which the site is registered and described that have fallen from the ad content and media of advertising media. Further, it is on the effectiveness of the site, because only depends on it, will the target visitor will get if your product or else will go to a competitor.

It provides easy navigation, attractive design, user-friendly interface, simplicity and organization of information on the site. This should be taken care at the stage when the plan to create a site. The ratio of visitors who have committed the necessary action to attract the target audience and is called a conversion. This action may be filling an order form, log onto the site, call the telephone number listed on the site, viewing a particular page or a specific number of pages, and so on. Calculate the% conversion is simple – enough to have statistics. Calculation of conversion through the attraction to evaluate the effectiveness of how each channel separately, so the total for the entire site. To do this, take the cost of website promotion on a given channel to attract and divided by the number of visitors coming from this source and make necessary actions. You can define and price Each visitor to the converted, ie, a visitor who has committed the necessary action. To do this, take the cost of site promotion and divided by the number of visitors to perform necessary action.