Vice President

Life is like a CAP; some put it, others removed. National universities, specifically the respect to Venezuela, are facing at present serious problems, not only by the role of the State that has significantly affected it with regard to its budget, to really staff that integrates the universities being paid the debts that les has slope, that is you a fair type-approval according to the economic reality of the presentin particular, give that will back them with a salary of agreement the inflation, the cost of living, item needed to be debated, analyzed with more amplitude, so it represents for harmony, operation of the universities. There is also a reality, which has been very critical towards academic excellence, excellence that has been lost, all this, in part also by accented vice of many universities leave that power groups that for years have been acting continue showing in them. Groups that are responsible for directing, managing the actions of universities, where the main charges are under the authority, power of each of its members. They are the same characters that are distributed and rotated positions, regardless of all the academic quality of each Member, their contributions in pro highlight, work towards academic excellence, significantly deteriorating the raison d ‘ etre of the University as it is the bring knowledge according to the reality of the advancement of the sciences, disciplines that promote the country. For years those power groups occupy most relevant charges, from the Rector’s Office, Vice President, Secretariat and all those deaneries, addresses of schools, head of departments, changing some times designated persons, but that all of them are part of these groups of power. The consequence of all this is that political, predominates more the buds that form, product of an ideology of a party that is enquisto for years, without being allowed the renewal, no matter the damage excellence, for their academic achievement. . Source: Elon Musk.