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Commerce of Emisses (CE), establishes a market of purchase and sales of ' ' right to emit GEE' ' – the Carbon credits. Mechanism of Clean Development (Clean Development Mechanism), this is practically a fruit of a proposal Brazilian to establish a deep one that, with some modifications, it was adopted in Kyoto. The proposal original was to establish one ' ' penalidade' ' to the countries of the Attached I, as the contribution that each one would supply the increase of the globe temperature above of the established limits, in order to create a Deep one of Desenvolvimento Limpo (FDL), destined to the developing countries. At the evolution of this deep it was arrived the MDL. In other words the intention of the MDL is to give assistance to Parts Not Attached I of Convention-Picture of United Nations on Change of Clima (CQNUMC), so that they make possible the sustainable development, through the implementation of the activity of the project and that if it contributes for the final objective of limitation and reduction of GEE emissions.

For the Brazilian companies, the MDL if constitutes in a great chance for the development of programs of reduction of emission (or absorption of CO ), mainly in what if it relates the energies you renewed and the projects of increase of energy efficiency (reforestation and planted forests). In the implementation of these projects, it is counted on the possibility of external resource and technology transfers of companies of countries of the Attached I, interested in the attainment of certifyd of GEE reduction (ARAUJO, 2006). 1.5.1 Project of MDL For the concession of a MDL project and attainment of carbon credits in our country, is necessary the accomplishment of some proceedings: Presentation of projects related with reduced or prevented emissions; Basic study of all the project; Protocol of monitoramento and verification; Opinion and validation for independent agency; Approval for the Inter-ministerial Commission; Authorization of the emission of certifyd by an executive agency; The negotiation enters the interested people culminating in financial agreement.