If you are unsatisfied with the present work that you carry out, you feel that it is not for you, who does not fill you, that you spend many hours there of the day inside, that the pay which you receive is not sufficient, that the company where you are working not you likes is hour that you take a break in your life, leaves the complaints to a side and begins to create new options for your labor life. It only depends on you that you can see them. You do not forget that, if &quot first; ves" these possibilities in your mind, you will be able to show them in your reality. The emotion of the constant complaint that you feel can be affecting your actions and your possibilities of going after new and better experiences for you. It remembers that the moods are generated from the positive or negative thoughts that are created first in your mind. The emotional states by which you journey, affect your predisposition constantly to act.

The complaints appear by something. If you feel bad in your present work, you already know how you go to predisponerte. Surely you will see black the panorama, you will feel like victim of the situation, you will look for guilty Results? You will follow equal or worse, because your feelings and reactions of victim will have prisoner to you and this emocionalidad will not impel to look for solutions to you. If you are open to " escuchar" what these complaints are meaning to you, surely you will be able to realise positive changes. If listening the hidden message in your complaints (what is what I need), you will create in you moods that predispose to act to solve to you what lack does. You will feel like energetic and protagonist of the situation and will look for opportunities to be better.