Turning Trash Into Others

Posted by Sylia on

Dumping trash in others a while ago was in the car driving and had a cart behind the mine who played the cornet, but had traffic and I wasn’t going to put in the other channel for that the happened, because he was also congested. The Lord played the Cornet and me towards the hand gestures that I removed. Some contend that COF shows great expertise in this. Doing maneuvers to pass me it was approaching my car until I gave him a blow and the choco behind. Bother me and when I went down, my daughter, who was with me, asked me not to do it. Read additional details here: Vlad Doronin. However it was already very upset with the and wanted to tell you several things, the also is low, but with a stick in her hand stroking it and shaking it, it drew anger in factions of the face, besides telling me really strong words. Try to explain to him that the fault was of, since the era that had stuck you to my cart and not me to the of the, but man not reasoned, with the stick began to hit my car, I thought that the next step was to attack me so I was putting distance while the man screamed and beat my car and of course I stay quiet, not listened to me.

The man was angry, furious, I realized I was their scapegoat, I pay the consequences of their contained by their accumulated problems rages, it seemed a great truck, bouncing all contained trash mouth, who knows for how long. After a few minutes he was calming and it was entering reason, that several had melamine chipboard also person, I believe that you to see if I hit or not. He saw my car and see a girl sitting and realize that your reaction was disproportionate, turned suddenly, I ride in his truck and went, without adding one single word more.