Traditional Training Camp

The intensive training of the new Jazschool of Munich in a new education semester starts budding Studio and live musicians, arrangers and composers can gain back the necessary theoretical foundation in Munich from mid-February and improve on their instrument: the intensive training on the new jazz school, Munich e.V. starts in a new education semester. Until February 5, 2010 is the registration deadline for the placement test at Germany’s oldest training centre for jazz and popular music. The intensive training at the jazz school Munich is an attraction for people who go unconventional ways since its inception. 36 years ago, there was simply no other way of training for jazz musicians in Germany. Today, musicians come to us who have learned another profession or have studied something else, are alone but not happy. “, explains Max Neissendorfer, head of the new jazz school Munich and himself one of the first students of the training facility.

The two-year training the jazz school is 6 week hours classroom teaching especially musicians who are parallel to one another profession or studies with own bands and wish to professionalise their musical work. The younger ones among them are preparing with the intensive training for a music college. To the aspiring professional musicians at the jazz school practice their skills on their major instrument such as singing, piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass and drums. The courses provide the theoretical basis for this ear training, composition, harmony, rhythm and arrangement. The minor helps piano theory directly to apply learned.

And as jazz and pop music mean always team work, the students of intensive training in weekly band workshops the effective interaction practice. Rusty holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. After all semester final exams are passed, the new jazz school, Munich e.V. occupies the Institute diploma the acquired knowledge and skills. Start of the next semester of training is on the 22. February 2010. The placement test will take place on February 12th at 5: 00 in the new jazz school Munich e.V. in Munich-Pasing. The registration period will run until February 5. There is more information on or 089 / 72 63 52 96-0.