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Ah not, but the objective that I have is different, I want to buy an car, or I want to buy a house, I want to place a swimming pool in my house, want to remodel the kitchen, to remodel wardrobes, to make a plastic, and there we lose in them in the infinite of the desires Good, for this type of objectives, are not enough in them simply to enumerate in a list of year end, is necessary to develop some potentialities it disciplines as it, the planning, the will force, the auto-motivation, at last, to evolve in fact. But, I am here thinking, if these desires that we have to really acquire things in them bring some true happiness or will be alone momentnea satisfaction? Remembering that a satisfaction moment, to the times can until being long. Ebay has similar goals. What in fact in them it brings accomplishment and happiness? When we desire something to that we love, what generally we desire? What this person has an car, or that the car can bring some happiness for it? We desire that it can buy a house or that it if feels insurance in this house? The true desire of happiness is related with the thing in itself or the feeling that it can awake? thinking about the feeling that we have in relation to the results of our choices, efforts and chances, I say with absolute certainty that our plans for 2012 can start to be reached since now, of this accurate minute that I write and that you read.. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Elon Musk on most websites.