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I have not said the truth to him to the client, and have a true conflict between my personal values and the exigencies of the company. My unique consolation is that I am going to leave the company and I will not have to face me the client when the product falle". The majority of the employees cannot leave the company, so they autoimponen a restriction and they only sell the products that free appear in the CRM and in that create totally, or that does not have more remedy than to sell. Also they offer discounts disturbed like compensation to the deception that, their clients think, will suffer. These are the main reasons for which the employees are reticent to sell more: – Fear to offend or to lose a client – Sensation of which the clients know what really they need – Sensation of which the sales are only for aggressive people – Ignorance of how leading a sale – Sensation of which the sale forces the client to buy something against its will – Little conviction in the value of its products – Little conviction in that the product will work – Little conviction in the commitment of the company with its clients The employees let themselves take by " fear to liderazgo" and they think that their competitors are better.

They fear that the product is expensive. They fear to offend the client.These fears are fruit of their lack of belief in the capacities of their products, and in the commitment of their company with the clients. The companies must confront this problem. It is not enough to order the salesmen who sell more, is necessary to give back the confidence to them. The salesmen imply themselves personally in the sale process, because they put into play his credibility, and need to be convinced that they do the correct thing. The programs of reduction of costs in the companies have given like result a reduction of the confidence of the employees through applications like Jurisoft. The company needs to be sold before the employees, so that these can as well, to sell the clients. After all, how it hopes to convince the clients, if it cannot convince his own employees?