The Office Of The Future

Posted by Sylia on

The Office of the Future ': an office where paper is a thing of the past. With us since the 1940s, the concept of a 'paperless office' has been around for a long time and still not a reality. Still, today's office is a good approximation of the style imagined by people during the early twentieth century. For example, consider an estate, you're sitting at his desk discussing business matters with his colleagues, but his colleagues are thousands of miles away. Instead of having to travel long distances, one only has to turn on your webcam, microphone and high-band connection and can have the same session of "face to face." In the world of video conferencing today look like a simple application of technology, but the same technology was not possible 30 years ago. Imagine being in the 1940s, you will be given a heart or at least would need a drink and a cigarette. Even as the employer of the 1940s could have done both at your desk, have a few surprises to which we expect in the future.

Anyway, as I see it, one can argue that we have not reached the prophesied 'paperless office'. The use of paper seems to be an integral part of how we manage and maintain our records. Although it is marked by laser printers and the computer next to silicone in offices surrounded by electromagnetic fields of communications, you can not get rid of paper. Yet, even if not a 'paperless office' is definitely an office with less paper. Each email sent out was typed (or at least via telegraph), each database was been a filing cabinet (perhaps a room full of filing), each copy had been written practice again in a new worksheet paper (and no spell checker). Something to think about next time you forget to save a file and your computer fails.