The List

Possibly at world-wide level east percentage could be smaller. The studies also demonstrate that the people who determine goals, that know accurately what they want are those that is more successful as much in the personnel as in their professional activities. Also, those studies reflect that it enters the people who are more successful and are happy are some characteristic common characteristics as to know clearly goals, a defined plan of action, faith, hope, optimism, confidence, self-esteem, control of its lives, solid familiar relations, good friendly relations, interesting work, healthful distractions, an intention in the life and great enthusiasm. Again I indicate some you rule of general character to settle down familiar, professional, spiritual and social goals so that our life is a continuous accomplishment of personal profits. First. To think about great, to dream.

To give to loose rein to the imagination and creativity. To think at any moment that we have been created to image and similarity of God and that, therefore, we have an enormous potential to develop. The limits we put we ourself with our thoughts. To do one lists in writing of its dreams without no limitation. Atrvase to dream in great.

How many in the list? It remembers, are no limits. It begins with 10, 20, 25, those that you want. At any time this initial list can be modified. You have total control, is his life. Secondly. After 48 hours, or little more, it reviews its list that must be in writing. It defines which really are the goals that you want to obtain. Pregntese in which it has written It is really a goal that I want to obtain? If the answer is affirmative it follows ahead. If the answer is negative, elimnela of its list. Possibly at the end of its revision its list of goals will be shorter and will contain only those goals that you fervent wish to obtain.