The Gummys

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Imagine, you can make molds of anything that you like: for example a sea shell, a mulberry, a jewel in stores specialized craft you will find variety of ready to use silicone molds. You can also decide you easily create your own molds. Two very useful materials for making own molds are silica (Special craft) and the Gummys. The silicone is very elastic and allows unmold easily clay. The Gummys are composed of a plastic material that is molded with heat (also everytime it heats back to its original shape, allowing to create molds different, if at some point already don’t like you can give you another way). In the market there is a basic Kit Art Clay Silver that already comes with everything you need to start making jewelry with silver paste. In the picture you can see a pendant with star-shaped made with a silicone mould provided with this Kit. Here, Ebay expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

To perform this gem I used a gummy like mold. In the picture you can see two fairies: the left one is that I used to make the copy, the right is that of silver paste. You can visually see how reduces the Silver paste (approximately between 8-10% to work with Art Clay Silver, PMC reduces something else), to compare it with the original from which the copy has been removed.You can also see that it loses some definition in the details. Smoothing clay this is one of the most basic techniques, since it is ideal to combine with other techniques and materials. Only need one roll and a non-stick surface. This is an example of a simple and elegant jewel heart shaped. It has only been necessary to smooth silver paste and give heart shape using a cortamasas with that way. In the market there are cortamasas with a variety of figures. The rings that you can see in the picture have been made with a smooth strip of silver paste in your version of clay.