The Feast Of Passover

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We were very young and at times very children. TU, the girl more beautiful in our childhood, with eyes cloudless sky clouds colour, is that your cloud was celestial, your brave brothers to defend the honor of the sister, followed my cousins who envied my success in studies and my friend who later in our maturity meanly would betray his best friend. And as I forget Javicho, with his limp recent that cheerful attending our raids in the processions of penitents. Nor forget the crazy Carlos and the monsoon narish. It was fun to disappear from home at Easter, to make our epic raids by all processions, step I very in love with the beautiful aurora, with their celestial eyes that sitting in the Bell Tower of the Church, many times I looked. earch. I stopped my step and looked at the sky in their celestial eye. Javicho, with his hoarse voice called me and stopped my contemplation.

And the Jaguar monsoon scoffed that girls like me. For them was not yet born love, there was only the game through the streets of our people. We all gathered at the House of Sonia, alistabamos already for the adventure of the day.It began with the vigils of the day Monday of dolores. At mass we watched the ceremony of the mass, but the sermons bored us too much. We listened to long sermons for priests; We didn’t understand what he said, and many times already dormitabamos in the pews, but felt the nudge of one of our colleagues, waking as bewildered not knowing that it had happened. I wanted to continue looking at the girl of my dreams, but the drowsiness sometimes produced the long latanias I slept, and some that once again my poor testa gave a sound blow in the banking of the Church kneeler; ashamed awake, but the laughter of my friends prevented me to shout in pain by the sudden event that woke up from my dreams.We went running just finished mass, to go to the House of the watchmen and receive the baskets with sweets of our people.