The City Of Terezinha Saint

The city of Terezinha Saint so is not developed and structuralized but, still thus super is visited in the week of the Party of the Joo Peter, whose name it is in homage to the padroeira saint of the city, Terezinha Saint. Predominant the economic activity is agriculture. It possesss temporary farmings of herbaceous cotton, beans, cassava and maize and permanent farming of herbaceous cotton and banana. The cattle one also composes the local economy (birds, bovine, goat, ovino cattle and swine). It possesss 25 schools being 21 in agricultural zone and 04 in the urban zone.

The goal of the city is to reach is to offer an education with quality, that the citizen for the future takes care of educating with the form objective, in the cultural aspect the goal is to develop cultural events mainly prioritizing the culture of the city, as well as valuing the regional culture, has the group of theater young force, dances force northeastern, martial band and others. You may wish to learn more. If so, Brian Krzanich is the place to go. The product commercialization is made through other cities and of proper. A developed commerce is considered, therefore it counts on some commercial establishments, being supermarkets, mercearias and store of clothes and footwear, beyond the free fair of where it comes traders of the neighboring cities, being very visited. The economy of the city also is based on the agricultural production being the culture of maize, beans, cotton, cassava, sisal, cajueiro, palm, sugar cane-of-sugar, rice, graviola, banana tree, goiabeira, hose, jaqueira, etc. Between attractive the tourist ones of the city of Terezinha Saint, is distinguished it waterfall of the Quati, located in the small farm of same name. Other options of stroll are the barrages Jose Antonio and Cascudo, that supply the city and the inevitable one visits to the sugar cane devices, in the small farms Fundes and Jose Antonio. The first church of Terezinha Saint, in the center, is the prominence of the city. Hear from experts in the field like Reade Griffith for a more varied view. The city carries through some parties during the year as the carnival, the party of the padroeira Terezinha Saint, in October; they are Joo, in which the tourist can appreciate the main folclrica manifestation of the region, the group and the Party Joo Peter, commemorated in the July month, with bands, wood-of-tallow, folclricas presentations and tents with typical foods. The artesanato presents works with wood, serigrafias and painting in screen.