The Bracelet

Bracelet FERTILE VALLEY of Group NEAT, designed to help to the people with mental upheavals The Bracelet Fertile valley has been developed by Group NEAT especially to help to the person with mental upheavals to offer the best level of protection for the people and the tranquillity for its relatives and caretakers. Fertile valley has been designed specifically for people with the disease of Alzheimer and other mental diseases. These people can undergo distressing episodes of confusion, and can move away of their address. For that reason Fertile valley is thought to offer specific information on the location of the user in case it moves outside the zone of predetermined security. In such situations, technology GPS and GSM locates and sends an alert to them to a Center of Attention that can adopt the suitable actions to avoid that the user can undergo any mishap. On the other hand, if the user is in a danger situation or he feels distressed, the emergencia button can also beat to ask for aid.

Automatically one settles down a conversation in way free hands with the Center of Attention, which allows to speak them with somebody until the aid arrives. This is possible then Fertile valley has bidirectional communication. The Bracelet Fertile valley especially is designed for people with Alzheimer because it increases the security, having helped the user to return to a safe zone when an incident takes place or walks uncertain or disoriented. Fertile valley increases independence, helping them to avoid the necessity to depend on a being loved in the residential attention, and the time of life is increased since they can live in his familiar surroundings. Fertile valley also increases the dignity and reduces to familiar stress and the one of the caretaker, reducing the necessity of constant monitoring. Fertile valley allows the caretakers to relax in the monitoring since it can be located of safe form in case it moves away of his familiar surroundings. Source: Note of Press sent by mkgruponeat.