Tension Breath

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Much of the value of the massage depends on sensitivity, the dexterity and the hands of the person who makes the manipulation. In the measure that the massage is a function of the touch, the person must be always in contact with the FEELINGS of the massageada person. BREATH the importance of a correct breath for the physical and mental health is subestimada by the majority of the doctors and therapists. Knowing that the breath is essential to the life, and that the oxygen supplies energy. We understand that an inadequate breath reduces the vitality of the organism. The common complaint of fatigue and exhaustion is generally not attributed the breath to me. However DEPRESSION and the FATIGUE is resulted right-handers of me the breath. Further details can be found at Danske Bank, an internet resource.

It does not have good metabolic combustion in the absence of enough oxygen. In chronic cases me the breath the arteries are contracted and have a fall of the number of hemcias. The majority of the people breathes badly. Its breath is superficial and has one strong trend of arrests it in situations of estresse, exactly in estresse simple, as in the act to direct an car, situations to type a letter or to wait to be received in a consultation or interview. The result is an increase of the Tension. When the people become conscientious of its Breath, they perceive how many times arrest (they stop to breathe) and they inhibit as it. The inadequate breath provokes anxiety, irritability and tension (cases of claustrofobia, and diverse psychological riots) serious Difficulties can lead to the panic. The human being such limit the Breath therefore to breathe produce feared sensations as Fear, Sadness, Anger Since first infancy we learn to control the emotions stopping the Breath, I cry in such a way it was contained happened of the anger, fear, since you drink we test behaviors acceptable In such a way all the muscular groups were involved in this Task of ' ' conter' ' , thus the Muscular harnesses of character are fixed that deform the body creating Chronic Contractions that had later diminished the Capacity to express feelings, to enter in contact with self (itself exactly) and to go deep themselves as person.