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Employee Shuffling

Posted by Sylia on

Restricting the movement of internal staff, you stimulate their movement from the company. Sometimes, to save something, you need to give more freedom … 4. Bring the policy of HR-Juche" to all employees. Make sure that your call correctly understood.

It may sound like this: "We want you to stay with us as long as possible and we are ready to give you this job so you can maximize productive for themselves and for companies to use their skills. " You must be sure that every employee knows what to do when he feels the desire to change position or even a profession (!) within the company. Promote this opportunity! 5. Whatever is said about gender equality, women still often ignored in more discussion of candidates for promotion. Most companies refuse to accept the fact that over 50% of the population consists of women. Even in service organizations, for which, as you know, women are better suited, the majority of them do not rise above a certain level. Away prejudices – the way women! 6. Think about how to get ex-employees, recklessly fired by your predecessors or retired under the influence immediate circumstances or inflated promises of competitors.

Returned talents often work even better, because already know that the next field grass is not always greener … 7. Encourage people to build their skills. Staff development – the cornerstone of any internal recruitment policy. The more people learn, the less the look on the side. But just build a system of internal training – little. We must not forget reward those who are learning and improving. Encourage employees to obtain new skills and knowledge. Learn from the best. IBM offered employees generous training opportunities and development, ease of internal displacement, and built very open and conducive to the development of corporate culture. Now, IBM – one of the lowest rates of staff turnover among the world's largest companies. And this is a very high level of job satisfaction among employees. There is a direct relationship. Burden of their people. Use them or you lose them. The vision of growth – that's what keeps people. Only when they slow down, they start to look around.