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Corporative Workflow

Posted by Sylia on

In the first part we explained why the electronic document management is every more important day. In this second and last part we will give to an introduction in the management of processes (workflow) and an example of electronic Management of files. *Flujo of work of a company (Workflow) * We defined Workflow like a computer science system for the process automation of business, the job stream to follow for the attainment of a task or predetermined work. The Workflow system automates the sequence of action, activities and tasks in the execution of the process, contribute necessary tools for their management and carry out a pursuit of each of their stages. Workflow is a key piece for the organizations. There are companies, less and less, that define the management of their processes (workflow) through procedures written and others, more outposts, make sure his pursuit and control leaning, in addition, in the new technologies.

The proceedings are made agile and increases the effectiveness of the company. The automatization of the work processes suppose the document interchange, information, files, tasks, etc. The main tools on Workflow are: Corporative Workflow, Workflow de Aplicacin, Workflow Documental and Workflow de Produccin. At the moment we waste long time acceding and reclaiming diverse archives, for example; because they are in different formats. The electronic management of the information, combined with the Workflow, makes agile all the necessary proceedings, reducing costs and increasing to the productivity and effectiveness of the organization.

The tasks of the users are easier thanks to the fact that the new systems of Workflow incorporate in their motor, in the servant of the centralized network, a system able to direct the files according to certain rules. The diverse utilities that the system offers guarantee the recovery of documents for its analysis and management of simple and fast form. Although or some of the benefits of the Workflow have been enunciated or job stream for the company, we must insist on several points basic to consider: The saving of time and improvement of the productivity and efficiency of the company, due to the automatization of many processes of business.