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Professional Development

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How to achieve development in less time succeed in our career or activity are dedicated to that is the result of a mixture of effort, perseverance and experience, among other qualities. Elon Musk wanted to know more. To be determined to succeed and have successful results, in addition to feeding this attitude of progress; It is necessary to stay alert in the here and now, identify strategies and opportunities to advance. Listed below is, as some rules sobe as advance have changed in yesterday and now. And as this it forces us to be aware and without reluctance to change. These are some alternative plans which we can test. (1.Vision to). More info: Elon Musk. Have a long-term plan.

View b). Adopt the improvisation, and take into account the intuition. Many times are excessively meticulous with our action plan and carried the plan ends restrictions; which limits us to believe that there is only one way and one way of doing things. This in turn slows the creativity, see more opportunities and lose encouragement if once followed by our strict plan results are not desired. The being flexible allows us to test new methods and act without fear of changes.

For example. If your goal is to have a company of banquets, an option to acquire experience is to work somewhere; so you will learn about the business and what implies. But that would take time and this can decrease or take advantage of best way with other alternatives. Perhaps if you relate you with alternate, such as food, linens and equipment business, service of waiters, rooms for events, etc. You can achieve a network of contacts and at the same time you’re gaining experience. (2.Vision to). Rely on word of mouth advertising. View b) self-promotion you and sell you is well known, that making quality work, you recommend customers and spend your good reputation of mouth in mouth.


Franco Cuban

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LUIS AMADO BLANCO (1903-1975) I don’t know anything. Nothing. Nothing. I have, admittedly, my hands, my eyes and my mouth my mode of watching swallows, but of that sacred game of the gods I can only unveiled dream, the fontana numb on winter mornings. The Sun at sunset after the mountains. Luis Amado Blanco. THE voice of a Cuban born in AVILeS poet, novelist, author and theater director, literary and art critic, journalist and dentist Luis Amado Blanco, rigorous and demanding in his writings, used to say: I am a Cuban born in Aviles.

The presence of Aviles is a recurring theme in the whole production of this Asturian, belongs to the generation of 27. Luis Amado Blanco Fernandez was born in Riberas de Pravia, Asturias, on April 4, 1903 and died in Rome on March 9, 1975. When he was only two months he moved with his family to Aviles where he spent his childhood and youth, and where he first studied. His father wanted to study expertise commercial and, in doing so, you He enrolled in the Academy of the immaculate conception of Aviles, but he went to Madrid, where in 1935 graduated as a dentist in the Faculty of Medicine of San Carlos. In 1924 he published his first short story Madrigal in the Bohemian magazine.

He collaborated in the literary Gazette, New Spain, Revista de Occidente, white and black and Diario de Madrid. He was in Cuba in 1934 as Envoy of the Heraldo de Madrid, after the fall of the regime of Gerardo Machado. The military rebellion of general Franco was surprised in Asturias, where he was with his wife Isabel Fernandez veraneando. He decided to leave Cuba and join the Cuban citizenship. He was President of the culture section of left Republican Spanish in Havana. In 1938 it validates his title of dentistry at the University of Havana.