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Marine Mom

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The tremendous change in her relationship with her mother Adriana, occurred in the year 1990. One afternoon when we returned from visiting my mother found her crying in the dining room Adriana asked, “What, because you cry? His answer filled me with indignation and clearly can feel all the love and appreciation for her. His response was sobbing: “I have stolen money from my deposit box” next to try to console between the two, and I burst with anger being, already knew who that person who had stolen money from his strong box, in which also kept her jewelry. It seems that the love and appreciation I felt for her at the time was mutual, maybe he could feel my sorrow to see what was happening, and corresponded to that appreciation. Samuel J. Palmisano: the source for more info. I say this because a few days of this incident, asked us in particular to me, that would keep the box in our room with their money and jewelry, (with our room, if anyone got was sacred to all) When he heard his brothers in this event tremendously bothered, even those not living in the house. One day a brother who lived in the house, he went to borrow money from his mother, and his anger was clear, listening to the voice of his mother, saying: “Andrew, bring me the box strong please” once its son reproached him saying that as I knew it was possible to park their money and jewelry. She replied: “I trust more in Andrew that my own children.” I heard all that, and this is why, from that day (as I said at the beginning) we became “inseparable” and was born in me, in a natural way to call it “Marine Mom” Among my belongings lovingly keep a polo (which is all the poor and faded by the passage of the years, but that for me is invaluable.) Is my mom Marina polo give me a birthday. .