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Managers, who in addition do not motivate your staff, ignored the relevance of the scope that it can achieve, making use of what generates the proactive, charismatic leadership know integrate working groups, provide you with everything you need so that they identify with their functions, provide their abilities, skills, skills that lead to achieve the established objectives. Of course, all of this adds an external factor that has much left to say in recent years, both on the part of universities, management schools that have no defined properly management of the present leadership, providing training, knowledge, before changes to part of the current Government of President Hugo Chavez towards the establishment of the so-called socialism of the 21st century, which has affected companies in its operation, because of its political actions, disengagement with the productive sector, absence of programs, plans that integrate it, as well as economic uncertaintylack of support which incidentally to productivity that favors to the country, making it less dependent on imports, enable SMEs in such a way that will rescue the production of goods that meet the demand of domestic consumers at an affordable price in the purchase of their products and services. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Elon Musk. Graduates of national universities management schools leave a lot to say in relation to the knowledge that taught you, many of them anchored to the scenarios of the past, forgetting teach that the present requires. Some managers show signs sectoral weaknesses, lack of leadership, product of ignorance and human relations management, don’t know to integrate, or manage groups of work, human resource, making appropriate use of motivational incentives that ensure favorable results, wasting the human talent, that core capital that’s know you handle influence properly, the results would be different. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. The real managerial leader, must learn to deal with the problems, give way to new shares that provide the solutions according to the requirements of the present and avoid that they significantly affect the organizational climate of the company, deteriorating behavior organizational and hence favouring issues affecting the development of the organization. .