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EPlus makes easier the surfing the mobile net customers BASE were informed first. In an SMS to the customers of the company says that soon the input a specific access point for the Internet at ePlus will occupy. The wording of the SMS was as follows: Dear customer, BASE makes browsing easier. The 1.7.2013 mobile surfing for you even without explicit settings of the access point (APN) is possible. If you are not going to use the mobile Internet, then you can turn this off in your device, contact our hotline or the nearest shop.

Important: Without Internet flat surf to the standard price, which results from your fare, such as maximum cost in the BASE GPRS / UMTS-standard rate: 0.99 / MB so far had to base and also by ePlus customers the correct access data in the mobile phone or Smartphone deposit. Only then, the access to the mobile Internet by ePlus network was possible. The setting could be made manually or automatically via a configuration SMS. In the mobile following data had to be stored: APN Internet.ePlus.de username eplus password internet with the change is now entering the APN. This concerns not only the customers BASE but all SIM cards in the network of ePlus. Also the discounter Simyo and Blau.de benefit from this simplification, it also doesn’t matter if customers use a flat rate or prepaid card, as long as it is located in the network of E-plus. This simplification concerns but only use domestically.

Who wants to use mobles Internet outside of Germany, must have entered still the normal Internet setting. Data roaming abroad is not possible without them. The costs for the data transmission is aimed for the booked fare. In many offerings from BASE the Internet via flat rate shall apply. The same applies to the AllNet flat rates of Simyo, Blau.de, and Yourfone. With the prepaid cards, Internet access without flat rate costs 24 cents per megabyte data transfer. At BASE, this is considerably more expensive at 99 cents per MB. who is not secure and has an older contract, should check for safety’s sake the costs and possibly the mobile data transfer switch off completely, if one does not need it anyway. Then the mobile Internet access costs in any case. Bastian Ebert