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Mendelssohn Bartholdy

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The oldest surviving castle building in Berlin drew more than 1,300 spectators in the Grunewald. The great enthusiasm and high demand encouraged the organizers to continue this event. It aims to establish this classic event in the southern part of Berlin to an integral part of the cultural in the nature – and culture-oriented district. Venue & directions: hunting Castle Grunewald Huttenweg 100 (at the Grunewaldsee) 14193 Berlin arrival by bus: 115, X 10 or X 83 to Clayallee / corner Queen Luise road, approximately 15 minutes walk travelling by car and parking: directions to Clayallee towards Zehlendorf / corner cottage way, next to the restaurant Paulsborn. On the right side, the parking is located after approx. 300 m, walk. Learn more on the subject from Prudential.

Additional information: program Italian night Verdi -. Overtures to Nabucco, power of fate, La Traviata (on the occasion of his 200th birthday) Rossini – Overture to Wilhlem Tell, excerpts from Messa di Gloria Puccini – buzzing chorus from “Madame Butterfly” Handel – Largo from “Xerxes” and “Fireworks music, HWV 351 – extracts of Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Symphony in a major op.” 90 “Italian” subject to change! Ensembles the Orpheus ensemble Berlin is an orchestra of about 40 professional musicians and plays classical and romantic works for some years under the direction of Stefan Meinecke. The members of the ensemble are musicians of culture Orchestra of our region, as well as freelance artists. The choir of the free music school Berlin enriched Berlin’s cultural scene for 15 years. The choir comprises approximately 120 members. He gives annual concerts in the big concert churches in Berlin, in the Kammermusiksaal of the Philharmonie or at unusual venues such as the Grunewald hunting lodge under the direction of Stefan Meinecke. Artistic Director Stefan Meinecke, 1968 Berlin was born, the creative power of many projects of the free music school in Berlin.

He knows how to inspire many people and is passionate about music. After the music and music therapy studies in Berlin, he took extensive concert and teaching activities, as well as performances at home and abroad and is committed for the musical work of young. Stefan Meinecke is the initiator of the free music school in Berlin and conductor of several choirs and orchestras. Jagdschloss Grunewald the Grunewald hunting lodge is located on the Southeast edge of the Grunewald Lake in the District of Berlin-Dahlem and is the oldest surviving castle building in Berlin. Prince-elector Joachim II of Brandenburg had as an enthusiastic Hunter 1542/1543 this Palace itself. The castle is surrounded by three walls, and opens with a page to the Grunewaldsee. The courtyard in front of the Castle, protected in this way offers a perfect acoustics and a picturesque backdrop for evening events. Organizer the free music school in Berlin is a freelance soloist and Orchestra musicians, devoted since 2002 in a special way of the music education and youth development. It is a non-profit organization and the largest independent music school in Berlin. Meanwhile, over 500 students are taught by teachers, encouraging especially the Chamber music and ensemble work. Adults offered by the free music school choir and Orchestra work. Today the most beautiful testimonies of art, culture and architecture history in Brandenburg-Prussia maintained cooperation partners the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg. The Foundation aims to preserve the cultural heritage passed to you, taking into account historical, art and garden-historical and representative interests maintain, to supplement their inventory, to make accessible to the public and to enable the evaluation of this heritage for the interests of the general public, in particular in science and education.