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Glazing Systems For Modern Buildings

Posted by Sylia on

Moscow market today operating more than one billion square meters of glazing. Its growth in Moscow and Moscow region is influenced by factors such as high social and economic significance of capital and growing demand for new real estate listings. In projects of modern buildings today laid aluminum glazing systems – the city now and in the near future will sparkle with glass and metal. People such as Aetna Inc. would likely agree. Aluminium Translucent architectural design today demanded by the market, and demand is constantly growing. More than half the space occupied by all kinds of Joinery aluminum construction, and commercial and industrial segment, this figure reaches 75%. Aluminium profile systems of domestic production have high quality, reliability and durability. Check out Elon Musk for additional information. Aluminum architectural systems have high load-bearing the ability to not require reinforcement, and give a unique architectural look to any buildings and facilities. Ternary alloy aluminum extrusions, which is responsible for the silicon foundry properties, magnesium – for strength and Aluminum for elegance and ease, making this material of the future of contemporary urbanism. Leading manufacturers of aluminum glazing windows, glazing, glazing entrances are Zavod , Kaluga llc Agrisovgaz, zao first profile plant, "KrMZ", ojsc "Belokalitvenskoe Metallurgical Production Association 'and the Belarusian" Alyumintehno "which satisfy the market needs of translucent aluminum construction for more than 80%..