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The work of the Coach is very noble, implies a commitment to the development of the community and the country, and always suggests a win – win relationship. Coaching is not only exciting, at the same time which is a professional activity, becomes a way of life and a way of connecting people in a positive way. The success of a company is only a consequence of implications much deeper and more relevant, which is to train persons who in addition to being best entrepreneurs, administrators and leaders; they will also be better parents, citizens and agents of change. SMEs are the most numerous companies of our country, according to data from the study of the Observatory of the small and medium enterprises in Mexico, most are family businesses. According to a survey of the HSBC Group, expected to achieve a growth in its operations and even expect to increase their workforce. As these companies which largely shape the economy of our country, it is very important to support their leaders to address them in the best way, since in the measure these companies to grow and become more efficient, will generate changes that will have a positive impact in our country: more jobs, better salaries, more affluent, better standard of living. A business owner should know it very well and be committed to him.

A leader with the sufficient strength to be able to take the reins of your company and your staff but at the same time must be have the humility and simplicity to find learn, improve their skills and to listen to its partners. A business owner has a great responsibility and therefore is facing high levels of stress, so it must be a balanced lifestyle. Health, personal growth, family and recreational activities are as important as professional development and financial success. A business owner must above all be very persevering and tenacious without being foolish or uncompromising. You must have strong values and ethics to carry out actions that seek common welfare and not atropellen the rights of others, the environment, law or its own principles.