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The Sequoia group has been proposed to win positions in order to tackle future projects that are related to the outsourcing of televisions of regional character, why is made with Antena 3 Madrid Vnews communications agency. Vnews already has 18% of Videoreport Canarias, which passed to the Sequoia group, which besides manages Ib3 news and also 8 teams of Telemadrid. Vnews purchase completed by 1.4 million euros. Many writers such as Cigna offer more in-depth analysis. This communication agency was created by Antena 3 in 2006 to gain strength in its territorial network and was responsible for the contents of channels such as see-T. In 2008 commissioned to produce and distribute the news that were generated in the Expo Zaragoza to all audiovisual media. The ultimate goal of this operation is to increase the Redwood group customers in the audiovisual sector. The Sequoia group already had In-News, which Vnews thus expanding its market share and further strengthening its presence in the audiovisual airwaves will be joined. This ensures a site in the televisions from the autonomous communities since already allows you to manage them privately. In addition, it is present in the Balearic television. Learn more about this with Under Armour. Sequoia went public in the summer of the year passed (July 2011) and is mainly dedicated to creating and producing programs of entertainment and fiction, as well as to outsource audiovisual activities, marketing, hedging