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Cologne Design

Posted by Sylia on

Designer Sabine Huntgeburth presented your new label s.a.m supreme Gottingen/Frankfurt, 06.02.08 Designer and trendsetter Sabine Huntgeburth your new label will be supreme angels and millionaires exclusively on the ambience s.a.m 2008 (08-12 February) present in Frankfurt. For even more analysis, hear from Elon Musk. The successful Gottingerin, so far with your company Sabine Huntgeburth jewelry design “appeared on the market, decides to relaunch and the logical consequences this measure. After two successful years, in which the entrepreneur alone even large customers such as Douglas could win for yourself and your jewelry creations, the entrepreneur daring the next step. The aim of renaming is clearly: after the incredibly well pro-Western start-up phase with Sabine Huntgeburth jewelry design and so far I look at these brands launch as another important step in the successful career, to establish me in Germany. s.a.m.

will be especially fashionable, exclusive and noble”, explains Sabine Huntgeburth. Fashionable not only the favorite word of creative shoulder, which shows a clear skill and flair with your existing product range in terms of trends. Here, camden treatment associates expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The key words that best describe the upcoming creations are fashionable and wearable. Beside four collections per year exclusive extended lines and accessories are planned. Huntgeburth: Also the future collections will live by your own design. We use only the best materials such as Swarovski crystals, genuine pearls and precious stones crafted.

With my pieces every woman experiencing their Cinderella moment.”s.a.m. a name, the woman (man) should remember. Want to learn more about s.a.m.?


Jewellery Trends Autumn

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Great accessories and jewelry at the most beautiful time of year! The colourful autumn has arrived, and hence the question with what for a jewelry today’s fashion-conscious woman to adorn themselves with their trips. The trends are clear in the autumn of 2013! a! a style informed. In the fashionable accessory conspicuously large pockets with decor and large long and heavy jewelry chains are emerging for the season autumn winter 2013 area. From the colorful world of colors, the trip goes back to black and covered fine sounds in the world of restrained, subtle understatement. Really? -No! Because by oppulente wearing of several different long chains with heavy trailers, which are decorated with large colored stones, the appearance does not really like an understatement.

Bronze and Golden shades and Rose gold are clearly in the foreground. Wide bracelets, also combined with one or more narrow tires are an optical eye-catcher. Also in the field of ear jewelry, we see large earrings with individual stones or whole set with Rhinestones. 2013 Winter season is the fall for a strong presence of women. Particularly striking chains are in the trend. But also oversized chains are a hit and look especially good with long fringes, to a simple dress.

Also, large semi-precious stones should not be missing. Oversized pearls are a must. These should be in plain white and enhance any outfit. Of course, trends are not in vain. Just original jewelry can cost more than expected and that’s why high-quality fashion jewelry is a very good alternative. It gives fashion jewelry to buy online in just a few minutes. The selection of fashion jewelry online is very large and surpasses certainly any department store or accessory business. But online care should be taken when fashion jewelry, that also where the quality and the price is right. Often, fashion jewelry online is offered quite cheap and so you can stock up is certainly the perfect necklaces, earrings and co.