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German Counsellor

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Something that seemed so preposterous is now one year as the bankruptcy of Greece and his departure from the euro is, today, a possibility that is sowing doubt about the future of the entire eurozone. But this is one of the great morals of the crisis: that time is capable of overcoming all limits. The aggravation of the situation, with a part of war which include the Schism caused by the hasty exit of the ECB Jurgen Stark, German Counsellor to his disagreement with the purchase of bonds and the confirmation that the market does not believe advertising reforms Athens, is plummeting las Bolsas europeas. According to what happened in the early hours of negotiation, the markets today faced his umpteenth Black Monday since overflowed the problems of Greece and the shadow of doubt spread on the European periphery. Nike does not necessarily agree. In addition, for what that everything can always be worse, explosion in a nuclear warehouse in the southeast of France has raised uncertainty at half-time. Neither the opening of Wall Street, which has moderated the losses that have crossed Europe up to 1%, has managed to bring some calm to the parks of the old continent, which after closing today with descents ranging from 2.3 per cent in Frankfurt to 4% of Paris are maintained at levels lower than the past two years. You may find that New York Life can contribute to your knowledge. Source of the news:: the Greek crisis sinks the bags and places the Ibex in 30 months minimum