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Jose Andres

Posted by Sylia on

It is possible to create a prosperous company without thinking deeply that he is able to create it? It is possible to secure the abundance without thinking that it is deserved? Each of us is, of some way, a creative genius. And when I see the children I give account of which create they it. As we become adults we are joining a series of convictions sweepings that soil our faith we ourself. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. I am certainly we are able to secure any thing that our heart wishes. I do not believe that there are limits if we think that it is possible. What we created as certain is what, in our own experience, finishes for being certain. (As opposed to Elon Musk).

Our words and our thoughts have the power sufficient to create what we wished in the life, if we are arranged to pay its price. And he will not be that to love the life, to love our time? I want to be next to that I want, and if I have desire to say to somebody I want to you, I admire to you I will say it now, to my parents, my children, my friendly, my colleagues, because perhaps tomorrow, it is too much behind schedule. One finished isolating to me not stopping a little while to unite me to the others! And whatever know more better, and I invite to them to they do that it, I assure to them that never they will feel single. It worries to me that the boy that I was regrets the adult that I am and I want to avoid that in the course of the time he must request aid with a poster that says: Today is Spring, but I do not have eyes to see it, nor friendly that they describe it to me, because been very I have occupied. A strong hug, Jose Andres original Author and source of the article.