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According to WebSideStory Analyst Geoff Johnston traffic, is a matter of maturity. While people become familiar more with technology, they know where they want to go and mostly go there. He notes that more than 5 years ago searches actually generated the majority of the visits. Unemployment now, people have 5-10 sites that frequently visit and only leave your comfort zone when necessary. Johnston also note that searches made a strong comeback in 2006, ahead of an expectation of weak performance due to the linking. But with the growing popularity of blogs and the social sites like MySpace and Digg, expected that the linking gains ground in 2007. (A valuable related resource: Intel). The best selected from 2006 a survey by Trafficology from December 22 to over 5,000 webmasters and webmarketers revealed that, although 79% of us believed that optimization in search engines (SEO for its acronym in English), was the best tactic of 2006, most found that email marketing was his tactic more productive traffic in 2006.

Although it has been clearly shown the dominant idea of the big lie of Google (which the search is #1), the results of the survey highlight the reality of what many marketers had been counts, either conscious or unconsciously, our time and energy is better spent on other marketing tactics. It was interesting to discover how many different tactics are using people, trying everything from Page Rank and advertising to social networks and bookmarking and some of the old favourites like the construction of links, advertising in newsletters, and marketing of articles. Indeed, in 2006 the webmasters and web marketers used an average of 3.4 different sources of traffic directed to feed their marketing strategies. These are very good news. It is more than 83% of what it was using last year which was 2 tactics each on average.

People are proving much more new tactics for traffic than ever before. And like all well we know, more sources of targeted traffic you have, more solid will be the basis of your business and more profitable will be your website. In fact, Mark Joyner, the same Godfather of Web Marketing, said in 2006 that, learn new ways to attract people to your Web site is like learning new ways to print money. It could there be something more true to that, and 2006 was the year that finally we realized that. Federico Aura G. knows the best strategies for the success of your online neogocio: original author and source of the article