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Bream Catching

Posted by Sylia on

Catching bream on a ring or some other catching bream on the puck – a way to widespread and very popular, especially on the Volga and its tributaries in rivers. Catching bream on the ring, in addition, unlike other methods are very dobychlivy way. If you catch on the feeder to feeder, you can personal for fishing and not catch a ring you'll always be a catch. Anyway, even if you do not catch a good bream at least half a dozen bream you will be provided accurately. Fishing bream on a ring requires a rather cumbersome equipment.

First of all, you need a boat. For me it is better rubber, it is less than booming, and it is very important because all the action going on right under your boat and the extra noise here absolutely nowhere. New York Life may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Although of course in an aluminum or plastic to catch the boat more comfortable. An important thing is the two anchors must be robust enough to keep the boat on the course, tied across the river to extended to these anchor ropes. And so you stood on the river flows across a rope stretched to two anchors. Then you dip overboard trough. Feeder on a fishing thing, no less important than the boat. What is trough for catching bream in the ring. The people know a lot of options, but I will tell you about the most common and perhaps the simplest version. This is the usual net bag ispod vegetables.