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Database Quot

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Some significant turns of events can not wait, but the ending is so generally worthless. Tell me that you waiting for the final journey, we certainly will not, but it is. to put it mildly, not that. that we would like to see. While those who failed the original S.TALK.ER to the end, did not realize there's absolutely nothing. Who do you want to choose the area is divided between eight groups that are constantly fighting among themselves. In recent months, Elon Musk has been very successful.

Please find it in the group pirovki where they live, for they are fighting and whether you can join them. Clear Sky Base: Wetlands can enter: Yes Objectives: To explore the zone and not avoid multiple accident, which lead to its expansion. The grouping consists primarily of scholars in the ranks of the "Clean Sky" we are starting the game, and its leaders are actively involved in the plot events. Therefore, the straight road to her no basis (only through the conductor) and can not destroy it. Debt Database: NII "Agroprom" You can enter: Yes Objectives: In an ideal – to destroy the Zone. In fact, the "Debt" for its constant interference risks triggering another catastrophe. On Essentially, this is a paramilitary organization, who has lived under the statute.

Its members are used to shoot first and then think. Long and fierce feuding with a group of "Freedom". Mercenaries Base: None You can enter: No Goals: To earn money, engaging in dirty work to kill someone, something or take someone to stop – the standard for mercenary work.


Materials and Fabrics

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The magnitude of these increases of specially calculated in accordance with the silhouette, the density of the material, as well as other factors. To understand why the pattern should be changed before the cutting of tissue, let's see how to drape fabric on a figure. It depends on the direction of fibers, which are located in the tissue in the shares and transverse directions perpendicular to each other. If when cutting prevent bias, ie the deviation of strands of vertical and horizontal directions, the fabric in the finished product will have a good time down unevenly. Next, specify how threads should be sent to every detail of the fabric for product lay perfectly.

Rack 1. Transverse thread runs between the arm-holes at 10 cm below the shoulders horizontally. 2. Transverse thread connects most prominent point chest and lower points of the armhole. 3.

Transverse thread runs horizontally at 5 cm above the waist between the side seams. 4. Lobar thread runs vertically from a point on the shoulder seam on approximately 6-7 cm from the base of the neck through the protruding point of the chest to the waist. Back 1. Transverse thread runs horizontally at 10 cm below the shoulder between the arm-holes. 2. Transverse thread runs horizontally between the arm-holes at the level of blades. 3. Transverse thread runs horizontally at 5 cm above the waist between the side seams, 4. Lobar thread runs vertically from a point on the shoulder seam (as on the shelf) to Talin. Sleeve 1. Typically, the pattern outlined point vertex sleeves. Lobar runs vertically from this point to lower edge. 2. Transverse thread runs horizontally through the head sleeve 7 -8 cm below the top of sleeve at right angles to share. Skirt 1. If at the midline of the anterior and Rear panels do not seam skirt, equity runs vertically from the waist to the bottom. If the skirt is extended downwards to the middle line is the seam, and the direction of share indicated on pattern. 2. Transverse thread runs horizontally front and rear side seams between the cloth for 17 – 18 cm below the waist.