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Sushi Restaurants

Posted by Sylia on

"Academy of sushi new facility. The interior is simple and, occasionally, even austere, but rather 'fresh', and so comfortable. Kitchen: A large number of hot dishes. Although so far and have not tried, but a good selection. Roll on all standard, although I note a lot of hot rolls on the menu.

Such amount any more who do not. In general, a good level of quality. Apparently, this is an element of promotion institutions. Although the portions could be bigger. My favorite 'Philadelphia' was already very low. Soups have not tried yet another time, but I think with 'exit' slukavili – 400 grams on the menu Do not believe it! Retail Price: Some kind of strange. 'Philadelphia' in its 'slim' was worth close to 300 rubles, while the hot dishes on the menu are much cheaper than in many institutions in this direction.

The logic is strange, considering the cost, labor, etc. Staff: Moderately courteous and friendly. From a glass specifically noted (0,3) of beer, which brought the roll, and coupon for a hookah. Very 'original' with the shisha, of course, yes even so! To be continued Sushi restaurant sao tao When this place came on the street Red, I noticed it immediately, because driving there every day from work. Read online reviews and was surprised. How so? Institution of new, and reviewers are already bad? Yes, this can not be! In the next Saturday, of course, went to check Maybe I was lucky, but still 4-5 times that I was there I liked everything.