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Sports Fitness

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Fitness apps for smartphones to increase the motivation of fifty percent of the German population are overweight. How can obese or interested in fitness and sports people use Smartphones, apps and gadgets (electronic extensions), to improve their physical condition? Can smartphones and apps installed contribute to a higher motivation at sports and fitness? There are a number of apps, which focus on the theme of sport, health and fitness: to collect the body weight, the calorie calculation to calculate the BMI to schedule workouts in the gym, as a yoga trainer and much more. Apps offer a special added value for outdoor and endurance sports, because here the sensor technology of smartphones can be fully exploited. It is not something Brian Krzanich would like to discuss. Many useful sensors are incorporated in smartphones. Wendy Holman recognizes the significance of this. GPS speed and distance can be set. Body movements and step frequency can be controlled by the accelerometer. Additional sensors can be via Bluetooth – for example the heart rate measurement (for example, Polar WearLink + transmitter with Bluetooth”). Body weight can be located over a Wi-Fi hold enabled scale (for example Withings WiFi body scale”).

A practical companion for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking, inline skating or hiking is the well-known app Run.GPS”. Run.GPS can be used on iPhones on Android and Windows phones and scores with a high functionality and ease of use. The app helps endurance sports in particular through following functions: it offers route planning for joggers and cyclists and leads the athletes such as in car navigation routes order, it calculates the calories and the BMI. Route suggestions can be loaded by other users. Route instructions as well as current information such as speed, distance, time, calorie consumption, heart rate, etc. are announced by voice through headphones. At the same time, music can be heard here. It is an exact The entire training recording with all collected measured.

After training, the record button on the sports community can be transferred to. There the recording in 3D can be played in simulation mode it all measured values appear. To each workout, there are extensive analyses and charts, which themselves can also compare the athletes. The probably most helpful function for consistent training after sports or health aspects is the automatic creation of a training log”, that all activities are logged and shown with assessment of fitness. Conclusion: there are apps and gadgets that can help smartphone users their sports and fitness. For some users, the play factor in the foreground, other is the goal to take off, again, others are looking for sporting success. Who owns a smart phone, often also likes taking it for other reasons to the sport, to name a few here in particular safety and entertainment (music).


The Frequency

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Muscles are heavier than fat, thus lose first of weight, increasing in the short term even a few hundred grams under certain circumstances. This effect the stronger, the longer you have previously paused with the sport. But with each gram, you increase your ability to burn fat muscles. Soon they build off more fat cells, as muscle cells. You first take off in what areas of the body, that is different for different people. Many pants at some point begins to schlackern, others lose her round face first. Make body fat scales faster visible success? If you don’t want to wait the above six to ten weeks, you can pick up a body fat scale.

This measures the water, fat, and muscle content in the body. If the display does not necessarily match with the results of a measurement of body fat at the general practitioner, the tendency of the weight and fitness change readable is however good and sooner than with conventional scales. How often should I train running? Once is zero, twice used the preservation of form of, gradual adjustments of the body take place from three training per week. But every day, you can train, finally eat and drink every day! On the frequency and quality, it arrives at dinner just like at the training! How long should I run per unit? If you put on the running shoes, then you should be at least 40 minutes on the road. From 30 minutes endurance strengthening of the cardio vascular system, a significant calorie sales and the strengthening of the muscles – the health-promoting effects of running come to fruition. But 30 minutes 20 minutes become too fast and then the training is actually for nothing.

Program your mind so on 40 minutes of sport per day. So run counter with security of the desired character. “How do I know that I was in the fat burning zone” run? You consume more fat if you run slowly, and if you’re quick.